Topmost impressive Disney Movie Covers

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Disney is one of the largest media organizations in the world, with many classics and famous cartoon characters such as Mickey, Elsa – Frozen, Timon, and Pumbaa – The Lion King, Cinderella, … Almost everyone has seen some Disney movies in their lifetime. Disney animated movies are impressed by perfect images, graphics, songs., and even their movie covers are well invested, stunning and very creative,…Our list includes the top 10+ impressive Disney Movie Covers.

Top 1. The Incredibles (2018)


The Incredibles (2018) - Disney Movie covers
The Incredibles (2018)

Everyone is probably too familiar with the logo of the Incredible, and there’s no reason that the Disney family doesn’t bring both the uniform and the legendary emblem on the cover of this movie because they are so impressive and it left a deep impression on the audience’s hearts. Are you impressed with this superhero family?

Top 2. Monster University (2013)

Monster University (2013)- Disney Movie covers
Monster University (2013)

This is probably the film cover that easily overwhelms you most. Because of the large number of characters on the same cover with every color and different shapes. It may take a long time to find a character you like. But no problem, that’s interesting !! Have you seen your character?

Top 3. Frozen I (2013) – Disney Movie Covers

Frozen I (2013)-Disney Movie covers
Frozen I (2013)

Frozen is a 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Just released in recent years, Frozen has also made a big splash and received no less love for Disney princesses in the past. In addition to its compelling plot, the cover of Frozen has got a lot of attention. From the context of ice and snow to each detail of the character are meticulously processed to produce a great effect. What details of Frozen’s cover do you impress most?

Top 4. Secret in the wings (2012)

Secret in the wings (2012) movie cover
Secret in the wings (2012)

Most of the other Disney Movie Covers are full of vitality, freshness,…On the contrary, the cover of “Secret in the Wings” brings a mystical look. The main character – Tinker Bell turns her back to the front. Her sparkling wings against the blue sky create a mysterious beauty. That’s so amazing!

Top 5. Tangled (2017)

Different from almost every traditional princesses of Disney, in this cover, the princess – Rapunzel has a special look that is stronger and wilder.

Tangled (2017) movie cover
Tangled (2017)

Disney is very successful at creating the image of a princess without a crown and high heel. Instead, it’s a wild, natural beauty and a unique hair that is held by Rapunzel’s hands and used as a weapon. The tangled cover might change your notion of a traditional princess !

Top 6. Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs (1973) is one of the most beloved Walt Disney Classic Animation movie

Snow White is considered the national princess and she is probably the most famous Disney princess. So, have you ever noticed the cover of this movie, it is definitely a Disney masterpiece.

Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs (1937) movie cover
Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

The cover of Snow White is arranged similarly to other movies with the main character in the middle of the frame. But the special thing about this cover is the image of the villain – Maleficent. Her image was even designed as part of Disney’s frame, it was a scene when she was reaching out to catch the brand name.

Top 7. Coco (2017)

Coco (2017) movie cover
 Coco (2017)

 Colorful, fun, and vibrant like a night party are what we describe Coco’s cover. Especially this background recreates the scene of the city with sparkling electric lights at night. Surely, looking at this film cover will also make you want to go to a party tonight!

Top 8. The Lion King (2019)


The Lion King (2019) movie cover
The Lion King (2019)

Just hearing the name of the “Lion King”, you can feel the strength, the power,.. and that is expressed more clearly through the cover of this film with the main tone color is orange. The cover is a picture of a lion’s father and his son standing in front of the sunset, …they are ready for a fight and a new journey. The cover is really impressed to provoke our inspiration.

Top 9. Toy story 3 (2010)

Toy story 3 (2010) movie cover
Toy story 3 (2010)

Toy Story 3 was the first animated film to gross over $1 billion worldwide in ticket sales. The film received four more Academy Award nominations and won 2 Oscars. So, How did Disney do to advertise them? Just on the first day, it attracted a huge number of viewers. In this movie, Disney invests more in terms of images and techniques to make their characters the most realistic and vivid. The cover of the movie includes all the characters in the series of Toy story 3, each detail is delicately processed, with the lively character expressions that are true to the spirit Disney family wants to convey through an animated film.

Top 10. Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent (2014)

We cannot deny the beauty of Angelina Jolie – The actress starring in this movie. Her charisma with her beauty has largely contributed to the success of the film, as well as of this movie cover. Disney is really delicate in casting for their character. Look! Her eyes on this cover are so amazing. And how do you feel about this actress??

Top 11. Robin Hood (1973)

Robin Hood (1973)

Not to be fussy but not simple either, RobinHood’s cover caused curiosity to their audience by its details such as the announcement of the main characters wanted to be pasted on the wall behind him. So, are you curious about that?

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Top 12. Cars I (2006)

Cars I (2006)

Not just one, two, or three, there are a lot of cars with different different types and facial expressions. All of them are gathered right here, on the same cover. On Cars’ cover, each character to each background, everything is perfect. You can probably guess the scale of this entire car’s kingdom through it, even the character of each car through this picture. Disney is so amazing and really extraordinary!   

Disney movie covers have had a good effect and attracted a huge number of fans. They are considered as a signature of childhood for many generations. All of their movies make a strong impression on their audience even just through the cover of their movies. So, Which Disney Movie Covers have impressed you most?

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