Top 10+ Horror Anime Movies That You Don’t Want To Watch Alone

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Here it comes! To those who are big fans of horror films and looking for a recommendation on what films will satisfy your feeling, this is a list of horror anime movies that cannot be overlooked.  

Anime movies have become a well-known genre of movies because of their profound scenario as well as the artist’s exquisite brushwork that can draw the viewer’s attention. Specifically, horror anime movies have a strong attractive power that can impress and make a seal in people’s feelings.

1. Black Butler

Black Butler

The movie was staged in London in the Queen Victoria era after the death of Prince Albert. The plot is about Ciel Phantomhive, a ten-year-old child of the Phantomhive household – a family serving the Queen – had been kidnapped and put to the torture for a long time. At the same time, his parents were murdered by the attackers, which metamorphosed Ciel into an orphan. 

The moment when Ciel was nigh unto death, he unintentionally convoked a demon. Then, they formed a contract that the demon will help Ciel find the true identity of the attackers who had killed his family. However, when everything was done, the demon – named Sebastian Michaelis – was allowed to devour Ciel’s soul. 

2. Death Note

This terrifying anime movie is about a high school student named Light Yagami, who had a high mental ability but is always weary of life, suddenly picked up a notebook on the street which has an ability to erase a person whose name was written on the notebook. 

Death Note – terrifying anime movie

This movie is thrilling as a top high school student gradually changed into a mass murderer. Initially, Light only used the Death note to kill Japanese crimes in order to bring forward a completely pure society; however, foreign crimes are also little by little annihilated. The high school student set the nickname “Kira” to hide his true identity. 

Light, as known as Kira, is ambitious to rule the world by wiping out those who degraded human dignity and do not deserve to live. Surprisingly, day by day, more and more Japanese people idolized Kira and that strongly augmented Light’s aspiration. 

3. Devilman Crybaby – horror anime movie

Devilman Crybaby
Devilman Crybaby 

Akira Fudo and his childhood friend Ryo decided to discover the demons’s existence by going to an underground nightclub since Ryo revealed that his exploration to Amazon demonstrated the demons’ appearance. Unfortunately, Akira was dominated by a demon named Amon but he tried to overpower it.  Finally, Akira changed to Amon’s form which allowed him to beat other demons. 

At the end of the story, it turned out that fallen angel Satan after being punished by God regenerated into Ryo and came to wipe humanity out of the world. Akira gathered a Devilman cohort to fight against Satan’s power; however, they were defeated. 

4. Perfect blue 

The film is more about psychology than activity. Its meaning deeply dicks into people’s souls to find out their real characteristics. 

Perfect blue

Mima Kirigoe – the main vocalist of a girl group idol called “CHAM!” had given up her singing to pursue a silver screen career. This decision made her fans disappointed, specifically a person named Me-mania. 

Her first movie as an actress was “Double Mind”. Mima luckily got the main character; however, there was a scene that she was violated in a striptease club, and that caused her psychological trauma.  Moreover, she was lurked by those who set the website “Mima’s Room” and as a consequence, Mima step by step lost her consciousness of reality and sinked into the frame of mind.

5. Ghost Stories

Satsuki Minayoshita moved to her deceased mother’s hometown with her family to live. On the first day of school, Satsuki, her brother, a neighbor, an older-schoolmate, and a classmate found an abandoned building that was nearby their school and discovered that it was haunted.

Ghost Stories – horror anime movie

It turned out that Satsuki’s mother was responsible for exorcising the phantoms threatening citizens of the town; however, the ghosts were released because of the urbanization around the area and continued to make threats against people. Finally, Satsuki’s team managed to exorcise the ghosts.

The series became a horror anime movie due to the paranormal phenomenal appearance as well as the struggle between humans and ghosts which is bid fair to meet the viewer’s expectation. 

6. Bio Hunter

This is one of the most horror anime films. The story tells us about two scientists who were researching to distribute the cure for a strange demon virus threatening Japanese citizens by making people less human and more demonic. However, one of them had been infected and as a consequence, the problems became more difficult to solve. 

Bio Hunter – one of the most horror anime films

7. Gyo

Tadashi and his girlfriend Kaori went for a scuba-diving holiday on an island and unexpectedly encountered a strange fish with legs. Kaori, who was sensitive to scent, perceived the fish’s fetid smell and they tied it to a bag, it still succeeded in escaping notwithstanding. 

The day after, a huge quantity of marine creatures with legs attacked them. However,  Tadashi and Kaori went back to Tokyo successfully. They detected that the fishes with legs were a result of the Japanese Army’s research in World War II. This creature gave out a stinking horrible smell that can sicken enemy troops. Moreover, a device called “Walking Machine” was invented to associate with those fishes in helping them approach enemies easier. 

Gyo – scary animated movie haunts the viewer’s feelings

This scary animated movie haunts the viewer’s feelings due to the artist’s brushwork and the fight between the strange creature and people who were making every effort to prevent citizens from being colonized. Also, there are many scenes covered with blood that those who have a weak heart should not watch alone!  

8. Paprika 

Paprika – horror psychological fictional anime movie

Paprika is a Japanese horror psychological fictional anime movie published in 2006. The film was about a machine called “DC Mini” allowing people to step into their dreams and change their personality as well as their ego. This machine was supposed to cure patients who were suffering from psychological problems. 

Things became more complicated when they discovered that people were able to walk into other’s dreams and modify the world there as the “DC Mini” had not been completed well. There were more and more dreams stolen and the number of victims gradually increased. 

How the problem was tackled and who were the true perpetrators? Check it out. 

9. Hell Girl

Hatred can destroy a person. In “Hell Girl”, those who have feud are able to send their enemy to hell through a girl who has supernatural power. The movie tends towards social psychological and detective genres. 

Hell Girl - a movie toward social psychological and detective genres
Hell Girl – a movie toward social psychological and detective genres

Each episode was about the main character’s feud. The feud was filled up and could not be solved and as a consequence, the victim came to a website called Hell Correspondent to look for help. Normally, the victim decided to give their enemy another chance; however, in the end, the villains were sent to hell and were punished for things they did. 

This horror anime movie alerts people to the karma, which has awakened those who have gone astray. 

10. Spirited Away – one of horror anime movies from Studio Ghibli

Spirted Away - Horror Movie form Studio Ghibli
Spirted Away – Horror Movie form Studio Ghibli

This is one of the most popular horror anime movies of all time that those who are big fans of anime all need to know. An acclaimed animated movie from the legendary Studio Ghibli Movies Collection. The film is about Chihiro, a ten-year-old girl stuck in “spirited away” land. Her parents were transformed into pigs because of an evil curse and she was forced to work hard at a bathhouse by Yubaba, the bathhouse owner, and was treated badly by other workers. Chihiro was given a new name, which is Sen. Unless she remembers her real name, she would be stuck there forever. After reminiscing the real name, Chihiro and her friend Haku had been through a lot of challenges to go back to the human world. 

Watch complete movie from Studio Ghibli Collection

These 10 anime horror movies below are highly recommended for those who are looking for scary anime films. Not only a horror movie, but each of them also has the meaning behind that worth considering. These films are covered with a lot of bloody creepy scenes as well as paranormal powers that people should be careful when watching. Hope this is helpful and thank you for reading.

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