Top 10+ Best DC Animated Movie Universe Movies To Watch

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DC Entertainment is well-known for the series movies centered on superheroes. These 10+ DC animated movie universe movies promise to meet the expectations of the viewers.

The DC cinematic universe can be considered the most popular series movie focusing on superheroes, and the DC animated movies are no exception. DC animated movies are famous for their complicated characters line and its profound content. These 10+ DC animated movie universe movies suggested below will promise to satisfy your emotions as well as bring about a comfortable feeling when watching. Keep on reading and find out what they are! 

New DC movies coming out – The rise of the superhero universe

1.  Batman: Bad Blood 

This movie can be considered one of the most successful projects of DC animated movie universe movies.  The Batman Bad Blood released in 2016 which is the latter part of Batman vs Robin published in 2015. Therefore, before diving into Bad Blood, make sure that you have watched the prior one. 

The story tells us about the missing of Batman, as known as Bruce Wayne, after encountering the leader of a criminal group called “the Heretic”. Alfred was on the wayfinding Batman while Nightwing and Robin took the responsibility for protecting Gotham city. They claimed that the Batman disappearance possibly has a connection to the Heretic. Also, there was a new character named Batwoman joined the Batman missing investigation.

2.  Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the most famous female superhero of all time that viewers usually compare her with Batman and Spiderman. The Wonder Woman film series is also considered one of the most attractive movies of DC animated movie universe movies.

Hippolyta is a beautiful Amazon princess with a nonpareil power. She prevents the world from the risk of conflict and extermination which will last for decades and put Ares – god of war – behind the bars.  She gave birth to a daughter named Diana, whom she shaped from the sand and gave life with her blood. Diana was brought up by the Amazon fierce race of warriors, which helps her bring in herself the heroic bloodlines. 

Things got complicated when Diana decided to accompany an Army fighter pilot named Steve Travor back to civilization and leave Amazon. At the same time, Ares managed to escape from prison and planned his revenge. Diana made use of her unexcelled power and they fought against Ares to save humans from being erased. That is how Wonder Woman was born.

3. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay 

A mystery political organization containing a group of super anti-hero characters who have been kept in prison. Then, they are banded together to protect the freedom and rescue the world from an unforeseen disaster. 
In this wonderful DC animated movie, the plot is about a team called Task Force X which contains Hatley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Crystal Frost, Sameer Park, and Ben Turner and led by Amanda Waller. Their mission is to wrestle a black card from Scandal Savage and Knockout. The card is called “Get out of Hell free” which allows users to go through Hell and access Heaven, but people can use it once.

4. Batman: Year One

Here is another movie in the Batman animated movies. This is the movie that recounts the beginning of Batman. After studying abroad for 12 years, Bruce Wayne returned to his hometown, which is Gotham City, and encountered an exchange of blows. He was taken away by the police; however, he broke his handcuffs and managed to escape. He arrived at his father’s bust and sat there asking for guidance in resistance against crimes. Suddenly, he saw a bat crash through the window and that inspired him to Batman. Batman first attacked a group of crimes and day by day, he gradually became a bright star of the city. 

5. The Death of Superman

Superman is one of the best heroes of all time. He has become popular in Metropolis and the whole world. At the time Superman as well as the Justice League struggled with the unknown, he was seriously wounded and felt exhausted because of the pain. However, when the monster intended to attack the Lois whom he loves, all of a sudden he flew with maximum speed and dealt the monster a death-blow. Superman won, but he was severely injured and seemingly passed away in Lois’s arms.

6. Reign of Superman

This film is the following part of The Death of Superman. Therefore, if you want to deeply understand its meaning, you must watch the previous movie.

After the day Superman died, the crime rate in Metropolis has dramatically increased and the city possibly has to face some new peril. At that time, four new Supermans appeared to take the place of the old Superman that caused the world to turn upside down. Lois took part in investigating these four people’s identity by collecting information from various resources.

7. Justice League: Apokolips War 

Darkseid and his army have conquered innumerable planets after failing twice to control the World. The Justice League travel to Apokolips to encounter him while Teen Titans are staying on Earth to protect humans.  However, the superheroes were killed or forced to be their slavery and the Teen Titans are assaulted on Earth at the same time.

Two years later, Darkseid has succeeded in colonizing the Earth. Batman’s mind is under control by Darkseid which turns him into Darkseid’s right hand. Besides that, Wonder Woman, Martian, Manhunter, Mera, Hawkman, and Starfire worked as a tool to serve his purpose of conquering other planets. 
Superman and Raven were on the way to find John Constantine to carry out a war of resistance before the Earth was destroyed by the huge Apokolips machines. Especially, Teen Titans and Suicide Squat were in the team. This is one of the most highly recommended films in DC animated movie universe movies to those who obsess with The Justice League.

8. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

The Teen Titans seemingly had a new member, Terra Markov. In fact, she worked as a double agent for Terminator, who was the Titans’ enemy. However, no one in Titans had a suspicion about her position.

Terra fully assembled the information and sent them to the Terminator, who will use it to destroy each member of Teen Titans. The person that always stood behind this war was H.I.V.E Deathstroke, who wanted to perform his deceased son’s contract. 

This is an excellent work of DC Universe Animated Original Movies from DC Entertainment. However, this film may make those who have not watched the previous part feel confused as the content of the two movies have a close connection. 

9. Wonder Woman: Bloodiness 

This DC animated film was born last year after the Wonder Woman movie released in 2009. By choosing to leave the amazing Amazon, Diana has decided to become an ambassador as well as a guardian to protect the world from danger. Diana was given the name Wonder Woman to honor her bravery.  In this movie, Wonder Woman gave a hand to help an embittered young girl who has fallen into a deadly organization called Villainy, Inc. 

10. The Justice League: Starcrossed

    This is a movie series of The Justice League cartoons containing 3 parts, which tells the story about the league of the superheroes. While the Earth was attacked by a battleship called Gordanian, the League was supported by an hawk men army called Thanagar. The Thanagarians assisted the Earth in building a shield to protect humans from Gordanians. However, it turned out that it was a trick and the Justice League was hunted, The League struggled with the Thanagarians and as always, the evil army lost and withdrew from the Earth. 


    These are the best 10+ DC animated movie universe movies of all time that can not be skipped. To those who indulge in the DC movies universe, these animated films are the most suitable options that promise to satisfy your feelings. However, make sure that you have watched the previous part to have a profound understanding of the movie as they always link together. Hope it is useful and thank you for reading! 

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