Top 10+ Scariest but Favorite Creatures of Studio Ghibli

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Studio Ghibli films are famously directed by Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, and producer Toshio Suzuki. Studio Ghibli films have become classics, containing incredibly inspiring content and adorable iconic cast such as Totoro, Ponyo, Kiki. In addition, the images of scary creatures appearing in the Studio ghibli movies are extremely clear and loved by viewers. Join in WIIN Channel to learn more about the Top 10+ scariest but favorite creatures of Studio Ghibli.

1. No-face – scrary character in ghibli

No-face Scary ghost
No-face Scary ghost

No-face in the Spirited Away movie of Ghibli studio emerges to be remembered and admired by the audience by a strange ghost with no face, only a scary white mask. No-Face was a resident of the spirit land where Yubaba ruled and represented the human vices of greed. In the end, No-Face is captured by Chihiro when he is led to be gentle, slow, and gentle. In the end, No-Face becomes Zeniba’s maid, also a witch, and Yubaba’s sister.

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2. Ohmu – Ghibli giant insects

Ohmu are giant insects
Ohmu are giant insects

The film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind in the Ghibli collection has the creature Ohmu is a giant insect with many eyes on its back, the shell of the creature is blue, they are very strong and sensitive. When the Ohmu are calm, their eyes are a peaceful blue. However, when they are enraged, their eyes go red and they begin to stampede. If something attacks the jungle, the Ohmu will charge thousands of them across the land and destroy everything in their wake. Ohmu crushed everything and was nearly unable to resist their attacks.

3. Kashira – the Head of Ghibli Spirted Away


The Kashira (literally means Head) by Spirited Away is a trio of brothers in Yubaba’s room. They are strange and wonderful creatures. They are merely large, weird, green heads that move by bouncing on the floor or rolling. In the Ghibli movie collection, creatures Kashira is the image of the loyal servant- the evil witch Yubaba. Viewers may be dreaded when three heads are moving on the floor, large, white eyes with bluish skin. Add to that a small mustache and beard. The trio makes its first appearance in Yubaba’s main office when Chihiro arrives to request a job. They bounce around her and seem to stare her down, similar to what a dog would do upon encountering a new guest.

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4. The Ape Tribe with bright red eyes

The Ape Tribe with bright red eyes-ghibli-studio
The Ape Tribe with bright red eyes

Princess Mononoke is definitely the film that inspired the childhood nightmares in the Studio Ghibli collection, the Ape tribe did that. They are seen as terrifying black shadows with crimson eyes and sharp teeth, the apes even consider eating an Ashitaka. The Ape tribe are peaceful creatures, but humans destroy their living space by deforestation of the Cedar Forest. They don’t really have brains, so they start to believe that they will become smarter and stronger by eating people. They try to kill Ashitaka, but San and her wolf brothers chase them away.

5. Niya – a large beige cat – Ghibli frightening feature

Niya is a large beige cat
Niya is a large beige cat

Niya is the cat pet of Sho as seen in The Secret World of Arrietty. Niya is a large beige cat with dark gray patches and a pale muzzle. The enemies in this story are the humans who can destroy their house and the fat cat outside the name, Niya. For a small person, Niya is the giant villain Niya with sharp fangs and the ability to hunt quickly. Later in the story, Niya transforms into your typical inquisitive and friendly domestic cat. After all, she’s not that scary, just an adorable fur cat.

6. River Spirit – terrifying character

River Spirit-Stink Spirit-ghibli
River Spirit-Stink Spirit

The unnamed River Spirit is a supporting character in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. In appearance, he is an extremely old river spirit, filled with wrinkles on his face, hasn’t teeth and white eyebrows. He first appears as a grubby, sludge-infested spirit, referred to by Yubaba and her subordinates as a “Stink Spirit”. After he was freed from all the man-made rubbish clinging to his body, the image of the great god returned.

7. Demon Nago

Nago is a boar god
Nago is a boar god

Nago is a boar god and the leader of the Boar clan in Princess Mononoke. During the battle, Nago was shot by Eboshi and left an iron marble in his flesh. The iron rod begins to transform him, and as with Nago’s rage and fear of death – Nago becomes the Magic God and rages along the countryside until Ashitaka’s village after a while.  The scary boar image makes viewers unforgettable after watching Princess Mononoke.

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8. The Forest Spirit

The Forest Spirit-ghibli
The Forest Spirit

“The Forest Spirit” is known to be the protector of the Cedar forest and is the god of life and death. It can transform into a gigantic, translucent humanoid during the night called the Night-Walker, a colossal, bipedal being that glows a translucent blue. During Lady Eboshi’s hunt to kill the Deer God, she shot it as it transformed, turning it into a humanoid Night-Walker, freeing its destructive body. This drained the life of everything it touched, causing mass destruction and death.

9. Dragon: Tales From Earthsea

Dragon of Tales From Earthsea
Dragon of Tales From Earthsea

Dragon is the creature that appeared in Studio ghibli films, including Spirited Away and Tales from Earthsea. Earthsea dragons are both feared and loved by the people. They have never attacked a village, but are terrifying because of their enormous stature. When viewers watch the dragons in Tales From Earthsea, it will definitely get creepy.

10. Moro

Princess Mononoke’s 300-year-old wolf god Moro
Princess Mononoke’s 300-year-old wolf god Moro

Moro is the supporting character of Princess Mononoke film, Princess Mononoke’s 300-year-old wolf god Moro. Although don’t inherently evil, Moro won’t listen to reason and be stubborn as many of the gods in the movies. Moro’s most creepy moment after her death, her head rushes through the forest to bite off Lady Eboshi’s arm – quite a chilling tactic.

If you have any suggestions to add to 10+ scariest but favorite creatures of studio ghibli, let us know in the comments.

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