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DC is one of the largest American comic book companies. Throughout history, the DC universe has owned numerous iconic entities such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. However, have you wondered which is the most powerful DC character? If so, do not hesitate to read these 10 superheroes and find out yours! Of course, the origins of their superpowers, which are created because they are people with extraordinary genetic features or even not being human at all, won’t affect the point of our comparison. Sounds interesting?

Origins notwithstanding, all DC characters possess various types of powers like their intellect, magic, or advanced technology, whichever has an enormous influence on how powerful and they could be. Therefore, we will rank our DC heroes based on multicriteria to find the winner- the most powerful DC character. 

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1. Superman – Is this man the most powerful DC character?

Alias/Alter Ego: The Man of Steel, Clark Kent, Kal-El

Powers: flight, super strength, heat vision

It is a frequent assumption that Superman is number one among the strongest DC characters. While the extension of how much energy Superman can absorb has never been stated, his powers also depend on solar energy his cells absorb (the source of his powers) and the stories he acts in. He definitely can’t move planets, but he can catch an object much larger and heavier than him, like a plane, without making it crumple, or easily carry a man around at his top speed. 

In terms of speed, could you decide who is the race winner between The Flash and Superman (with his highest power in Silver Age)? Usually, we could not determine that due to the external interference during the race. Frankly speaking, the speed of Superman is still extremely impressive. 

There are also no DC characters who can consistently beat against Clark Kent with sheer muscle alone. Even regarding some major hitters like Shazam or Darkseid, Superman is constantly considered as the most powerful DC character with his variety of strengths.

2. Batman

Alias/Alter Ego: “The Caped Crusader”, “The Dark Knight”, “The World’s Greatest Detective”

Powers: X-Ray vision, flight, super strength, invisibility

With film enthusiasts, the power level of Batman is seriously superhuman. Perhaps, some audiences are often curious why with these overpowered enemies bearing down on him, Batman could strike all back and still be alive. How could he put up and keep fighting valiantly against Superman just with his wits? This character can perform highly onerous tasks through his willpower which few DC heroes can tackle with. Among members of the Justice League, Batman is the only member who owns the power of X-Ray vision, except Superman. The way The Dark Knight uses his visual force sometimes even surpasses Clark Kent- the major contender in Dawn of Justice.  

Another strength we can not ignore is his super-intellect. This helps Batman be always one of the most powerful DC characters in the universe. He has great attention to detail, good technological knowledge, the logical mind- things in need to get the upper position in every fight. If you pay more attention, you could find that Batman narrowly beat Superman many times by flexible use of strategies and technologies (Superman wasn’t knocked out then, though).  

After all, he is definitely “The World’s Greatest Detective”, a nearly incorruptible hero. Batman will do anything to make sure justice enacted, as we could see that clearly in Dawn of Justice.

3. Wonder Woman

Alias/Alter Ego: Diana Prince, Princess Diana of Themyscira

Powers: Agility, flight, reflexes, enhanced senses

What makes Wonder Woman arguably the most powerful female character in all of comics, and the DC universe in particular?  As a founder member of The Justice League and one of the first DC heroes, the Amazonian Princess has possessed some coolest and most powerful abilities which fans would love to witness. Directly after being sculpted from clay, Olympian gods granted the most desirable attributes to Diana. Half-Amazon, half-god and all-powerful, this heroin is said to be “stronger than Hercules”. Constantly dealing with many forms of magical beings, Diana is lucky when she can have some resistance to certain types of magic, compared to the fluctuated powers of her Justice League fellow- Superman.

According to Flash, she can easily catch up with him if he is at normal speed (not at top speed). It is also a mistake if we do not mention other special superstrengths of Diana like empathy, leadership, and durability. 

However, throwing back to some historical fights of Wonder Woman and her love-Superman, DC fans must probably admit that the Kryptonian man has been still at a bit higher level. Fortunately, these two powerhouses barely clash and they are such an invisible alliance that few DC characters can fair against.

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4. The Flash

Alias/Alter Ego: Scarlet Speedster

Powers: super speed

As a staple of the comic book DC Universe, the Flash has been adapted to numerous DC films, video games, animated versions, and live-action television shows. All incarnations of the Flash can move, think, and react at light speeds as well as having superhuman endurance that allows them to run incredible distances. Although there was no conclusive result when Flash raced against Superman, after Final Crisis in Flash: Rebirth 3, Scarlet Speedster has proved that he is much faster than Superman by showing Superman’s struggles to keep up with him. 

Considerably, without possessing physical strength like his comrades or contenders, Flash uses his speed to exert incredible momentum into physical attacks. In some Flash incarnations, they show the ability to create speed avatars (duplicates) which can be sent to different timelines to complete distinct missions. For those reasons, The Flash should be a good match for the most powerful DC character.

5. Aquaman

Alias/Alter Ego: Orin, Arthur Curry

Powers: marine communication, super speed, super strength

Another founder member of the Justice League, Aquaman is gradually becoming one of the most powerful DC characters. Aquaman uses telepathy to control aquatic life, and he also has super strength and wields a powerful trident. Normally, the superpowers of DC heroes focus on natural powers. Aquaman‘s image is otherwise integral with his trident- a granted weapon to empower his unique abilities. Contrasting to what laughter used to believe are the limits of his marine strength, this sea-life superhero has demonstrated the ability to commune with not only fish but also any living creatures near the water, including seagulls and even sometimes people. With his trident, he is capable of teleporting for interplanetary distances, calling a wide array of adverse water-based weather such as tsunamis and hurricanes, making the ground shake, and manipulating water or ice. 

With those in mind, is there anyone ever getting stuck in the idea of an Aquaman-Wonder Woman battle? They both inherit superpowers from ancient Greek gods and play founding roles in the Justice League. With the fact that the King of Atlantic has to use his trident to access extreme power, it is safer to say Diana has stronger sheer power than Arthur.  Having said that, Aquaman deserves for being one of the most powerful DC characters.

6. Cyborg

Alias/Alter Ego: Vic Stone

Powers: superhuman strength, high intelligence

Vic Stone – a superior being, is a former member of the Teen Titans and a current member of the Justice League. Part man, part machine, Vic always struggles with maintaining his humanity after being upgraded. However, he should be considered as one of the greatest DC heroes, who puts in all of his internal conflicts and devotes tremendous efforts in every fight for the peace of the Earth. 

Moreover, Cyborg is probably the most fitting DC hero for this digital era due to his ability to interface with computer systems. Different from other Justice Leaguers, though Vic is not able to win in an arm-wrestling match with Superman, he is a perfectly technological supporter of his team. That is to say, Vic could be the most powerful DC character somehow.

7. Martian Manhunter

Alias/Alter Ego: J’onn J’onzz

Powers: super strength, shape-shifting, telepathy, invisibility

Martian Manhunter was also one of the founding members of the Justice League of America. He possesses many superpowers coming from his alien physiology. Born on Mars over a millennium ago, The Martian Manhunter impresses DC fans with the ability to change his mass, color, relative shape, imitating even clothing if desired. Similar to some of the Justice League fellows, he is capable of invisibility by making the biopolymers in his body lose their ability to reflect light, even along the electromagnetic spectrum, including the infrared and the ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum. 

Above all, the Martian Manhunter is one of the strongest DC characters, he is nearly as strong as Superman when concentrating his biopolymers to their full capacity. He can also lift incredible weights without having them crumble or fly at similar speeds of even Superman in the space. What a pity to stop discovering J’onn J’onzz ‘s other marvelous abilities and seeing if he is the powerful DC character

8. Shazam 

Alias/Alter Ego: World’s Mightiest Mortal, Billy Batson

Powers: Powers of six deities (the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, and the Speed of Mercury)

It is worth considering Shazam as one of the strongest DC characters in this universe. By saying the magic code “Shazam”, his powers are activated and nearly as strong as Superman. DC fans must have witnessed numerous fights of these DC heroes and seen that they usually defeat each other to the point of stalemate. 

Over time, Billy Batson has proven how powerful he could be when he possesses the magical strengths- Superman’s weakness and similar capacity of moving stars and planets. However, Shazam is still a child who gets powers by using the magic word, which means he can revert to his unpowered form. 

9. Supergirl

Alias/Alter Ego: Kara Zor-El

Powers: fighting skills, speed, super strength, heat vision

 Featuring the same strengths of Kryptonians like Superman and being in martial art training in Argo City on Krypton, Superman’s cousin possesses the potential to win the heaviest hitters-even Superman by her fighting ability. More to mention, her will to go all-in-out in every fight helps her deserve one of the strongest DC characters in the DC universe.

However, there is no denying that Supergirl gains much less experience as Superman due to her limited time beginning her career as a superhero. While Superman has faced multi-aspect issues of the human world and collaborated closely with his Justice League members, Supergirl has sometimes expressed her naivete in matters of conflicts and all she can rely on are her raw powers based on the yellow sun. 

10. The Spectre

Alias/Alter Ego: James Brendan “Jim” Corrigan, Crispus Allen, Hal Jordan

Powers: magical strengths,  vulnerability, intelligence, reality alteration

Granted with all kinds of magical superpowers, it is worth doubting The Spectre is the most powerful DC character. His power level (especially his spirit of vengeance) is even so high to stay in control that needs bonding to some human hosts like Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan, and Crispus Allen. Without them, he can deliver God’s vengeance and justice to the world to an incredible extent! Another amazing ability of The Spectre is being invulnerable to all physical attacks (but the powerful magic can hurt him). That is another reason why he is believed to be the strongest. 

Due to his origin, there are some weaknesses relating to human comprehension and judgments. He is also unable to affect directly the souls who harness magic invoking the Presence.

So, after reviewing those facts and general judgments, who do you think is the most powerful character in DC universe? And who do you want to add on the list? That is so difficult to identify, isn’t it? Whoever you choose, please consider comparing their power potentials to the fullest.  

After all, let’s wait and see what happens to our DC heroes on the upcoming string of blockbuster films of the DC universe!

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