How Studio Ghibli Movie Collection fascinates audiences worldwide?

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In many ways, the masterpieces from the Studio Ghibli movie collection have fascinated audiences worldwide. If you are still wondering where to start, let’s find out which titles are suited to your interest most.

Recently, audiences from the US, Canada, and Japan markets have been able to enjoy the famous films of the Japanese animation Studio Ghibli on Netflix online movie services. Although it has been released in theaters for a long time, the Studio ghibli movies collection has fascinated the audience. If you haven’t seen any of the Studio Ghibli films yet, here’s a chance to check out 22 different movies with Netflix. Let’s start the journey together!

1. Spirited Away (2001) – an Oscar-wiining anime movie among Studio ghibli movie collection

Spirited Away (2001) - an Oscar wiining movie from studio ghibli movie collection
Spirited Away (2001) – an Oscar wiining movie

If you want to see an Oscar-winning movie, start with the movie “Spirited Away” (2001). It won the best-animated film award at the American Academy of Cinema Awards 2003, and it also encapsulates most of the values ​​that Ghibli Movie is pursuing. Thanks to its famous name, this movie is often the one that brings people to Ghibli.

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It’s an incredibly perceptive story about a 10-year-old girl named Chihiro, moving with her parents to live in a new home. When her father takes a shortcut, Chihiro gets lost in the end and is left alone inside. spirit land. She must find her way in a dream-like world, full of increasingly quirky creatures, to save her parents.

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2. Totoro My Neighbor (1988) – a movie for happiest moments of Studio Ghibli movie collection

Totoro My Neighbor (1988) - from Studio Ghibli Movie Collection
Totoro My Neighbor (1988)

If you want to feel completely happy, you need to watch the movie “Totoro, My Neighbor” (1988). This is the film that will launch millions of stuffed animal toys and builds the iconic image of the later Studio Ghibli Film – the forest god in the form of a large, soft, fur-filled beast. easy.

Set on a beautiful farm in the 1950s, the film tells the story of two girls and their father who move to the new countryside close to the hospital, where their mothers are receiving treatment and when dressed.

There, the girls meet Totoro and many of the beast’s friends, the most prominent of which is the ultimate Cat Bus. The film is great, both for children and for adults. It is also the most popular movie in the studio Ghibli movie collection

3. Porco Rosso (1992) for amazing Adventures

Porco Rosso, 1992
Porco Rosso, 1992

If you want to see an amazing adventure, there’s no shortage of suspenseful scenes from “Porco Rosso” (1992). This is a film that seems to show that many of its products are more European-oriented than Japanese in the Studio Ghibli movie collection.

Translated to mean “Red Pig“, Porco Rosso was a talented Italian pilot in World War I transformed by a curse into a humanoid pig, and now a bounty hunter. fighting the hijackers on the Adriatic Sea.

The film has a gritty, dramatic situation and a touching love story, and feels like the ultimate thrill of a Hollywood Golden Age that has never been seen before.

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4. Ponyo (2018) with magnificent sea view among studio ghibli movie collection

Ponyo, 2018
Ponyo, 2018

If you want to see the magnificence of the sea, check out the incredibly lovable and at the same time very interesting, “Ponyo” (2018). It was the name of the goldfish girl that the boy named Sosuke discovered, but in reality, that goldfish girl is one of many siblings living in the water off the coast of Japan and can change her image. form. Her father, fearing that his son had been kidnapped, launched an attack on the human world to reclaim him.

In the film, there are scenes of the shocking tsunami and the serenity of true friendship. A movie worth watching.

5.  “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” (1984) for future world tour

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, 1984
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, 1984

If you want to see the future world, then you will have to start with “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind“, a film made and released by Miyazaki in 1984 and also the film that led to the birth of Studio Ghibli.

The film tells the story of a post-destructive futuristic world with giant insects plundering, and has a number of Miyazaki’s early themes, including a tendency to protect the environment. The story revolves around a young girl hoping to find a way to help humans live with mutated insect creatures in the deep forest.

6. The Cat Returns (2002)- a movie for cat lover

The Cat Returns, 2002
The Cat Returns, 2002

And if you like the story of cats, the movie The Cat Returns – 2002 is the movie for those who love cats. It’s a warm fairy tale about a little girl who can talk to a cat, and after she saves a cat that appears to be a feral cat, keeps her from being run over by a truck, she joins Wang National Cats is full of danger.

In a rare link Ghibli makes, the cat statue of Baron reappears in the movie “Whisper of the Heart“.

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7. “Princess Mononoke” (1997), a fairy tale with a strong message about the environment

Princess Mononoke, 1997
Princess Mononoke, 1997

If you want a fairytale with a strong environmental message, Then “Princess Mononoke” is for you. The film was released in 1997 and was one of Ghibli’s greatest hits until later in the Spirit Realm.

The film takes place in Japan’s crazy feudal era, where the young princess gets caught in a fight between the ecological denials in an industrial town that intends to destroy a huge forest. giants for metal mining and various souls living in the forest are threatened.

This film is almost a parallel work with Totoro, My Neighbor but has many battles, more demons, and more annoying. This is also a prominent and typical movie for fans of the studio Ghibli movie collection.

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8. Finally, to get back to reality don’t miss “The Wind Rises”(2013). 

The Wind Rises, 2013
The Wind Rises, 2013

Ghibli’s only biographical film “The Wind Rises” came out in 2013, and tells the fictional life story of designer Jiro Horikoshi, who designed the Mitsubishi Zero fighter that would become the background. the foundation of Japan’s air power during World War II. Since it’s a Ghibli film, though, it’s not the genre that blindly celebrates the life of war.

Horikoshi wished to fly the plane but his poor eyesight did not allow him to do it, so he plunged himself into engineering, and was truly desperate for his designs to be used in war.

This is Miyazaki’s last film ahead of his brief retirement, when he returned in 2017 and directed the still-unreleased film, “How Do You Live?”

Conclusion: Ghibli created by Miyazaki marked the adventurous journey of bringing Japan’s animation industry to the world and making its own place. You can also replay Ghibli movies with Studio Ghibli Movie Collection on DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

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