10+ Quick & Fun facts about Pixar animation studios you might not know

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We are all a fan of Disney and Pixar animation studios. Truly, who doesn’t? It attracts to kids in every of us and the adults as well. Pixar animation scene tends to be on the cutting-edge with numerous awards it received, including sixteen Academy Awards. You might know this obvious news about Pixar animation studio; however, there are still some hidden stories about this famous animation studio that you will find funny to discover. Now let go through 10+ quick and fun facts about Pixar animation studio as well as the Pixar film collection and check if you already knew it.

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1. Pixar used to make advertisements!

Before becoming one of the main animation studios in the world, Pixar animation studios used to in business with brands like Tropicana, Listerine, and Lifesavers for commercials purposes. Well, who realized that Pixar’s fundamental character was mouthwash route before it was Woody!

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2. John Lasseter drives an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile to the Oscars.

John Laseter

It is so interesting to know John Lasseter, one of the most well-known names throughout the history of Pixar animation studios, or also known as the former Chief Creative Officer of Pixar animation studio film, turns out a young-at-heart guy.

During one awards season, Lasseter really showed up at the Oscars in an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. Get it? Oscars, Oscar Meyer. An incredible joke there, Mr. Lasseter

3. The Pixar animation studio film crew turns into the cast.

The Incredibles

Probably the most famous voices in Pixar films really come from those that normally hang out behind the camera. One of our #1 instances of this is The Incredibles director Brad Bird acting as the voice for Edna Mode!

Andrew Stanton, head of Finding Nemo and more, also gives his vocal abilities to Crush the ocean turtle in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory and Emperor Zurg in Toy Story!

4. Monster’s Inc’s. Boo could’ve had a different appearance.

Boo-Monsters Inc-Pixar-animation-studio
Boo-Monsters Inc

Pixar went through a few cycles for Boo before they chose the cute little lady we find in Monsters Inc. At first, “Boo” should be a mature man who coincidentally found the monster world!

Other potential renditions include a little Irish girl (with as thick a highlight as Merida!), and she even could be Pixar’s first Black main character.

5. Their biggest success made three times that of their biggest flop.

the good dinosaur

Pixar tends to do pretty well when it comes to the box office — but not every time. Their biggest flop was The Good Dinosaur, bringing in just $329 million. Whereas, Toy Story 3 made almost three times that number raking in $1 billion at the box office.

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6. Woody first supposed to be a ventriloquist’s dummy.


This fact is unquestionably one that we’re happy didn’t happen. Woody’s unique plan for the main Toy Story should make him a ventriloquist’s sham rather than a cowboy figure. Woody was really expected to be the malicious miscreant too, yet Tom Hanks was really against that. We’re happy he protested, and we got the adorable Woody we have today!

7. Toy Story 2 was incidentally erased.

Toy Story 2

This one’s a whopper! Did you know that Pixar nearly lost a time of work on Toy Story 2? Somebody inadvertently ran an order to get out the framework at Pixar, and the entirety of the records was erased.

Fortunately, partner specialized chief Galyn Susman had been working at home to be close to her infant. She had the entirety of the records they required on her PC. Golly, that was a nearby one. Mother makes all the difference once more!

8. Pixar animation studios changes motion pictures to be relatable in different nations.

Inside Out.
Inside Out.

We love this one! Disney really changes a few subtleties and films to be relatable to various societies. The most notable illustration of this is in Inside Out.

The scene where Riley will not eat broccoli was changed in some Asian nations since Asian societies don’t have the very issue with broccoli that a few Westerners do. Pixar likewise traded out hockey for soccer in nations that aren’t as acquainted with the skating sport.

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9. Generate new ideas considered A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and Wall-E in a one-noon meeting.

Finding Nemo

Have you at any point had a feast that simply gets you propelled? All things considered, a portion of the Pixar greats sure did on one critical day in 1994 at the Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond, California.

John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft, and Pete Docter were having a gathering about Toy Story when they started scribbling on napkins. Those scrawlings transformed into A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc., Finding Nemo, and Wall-E. That lunch more than paid for itself.

10. Pixar animation studios wanted to make a Calvin and Hobbes film.

Calvin and Hobbes

At one point, Pixar turned to Bill Watterson in the hopes of bringing a Calvin and Hobbes movie to life. We would love to see this imaginative duo in Pixar animation!

Watterson, though, rejected the offer, noting that he thought Calvin and Hobbes were two characters that were best made for print.

11. Pixar has made some huge animation accomplishments.


This one is somewhat more notable, yet we needed to make reference to it. Pixar has made some tremendous animation accomplishments, a significant number of them to do with hair! Definitely, you heard us.

Sulley in Monsters Inc. has over 5.5 million bits of hair, and enlivening him was a test in the first film and in Monsters University. Another significant accomplishment was the production of new animation programming to energize Merida’s hair. The star of Brave has got some mind-boggling locks!

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