DC and Marvel Characters that are uncannily similar

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Are you a DC fan or a Marvel fan? Have you ever seen a character that is so familiar with your favorite superhero? If your answer is no, welcome to the eternal rivalry between our beloved DC and Marvel characters. On this list, we will point out oddly similar characters in DC and Marvel universes. You will be surprised to realize that your heroes may have a “twin brother or sister” in the other universe.

So, what are we waiting for? Grab your popcorn and let the fight begin!

1.Batman (DC) and Iron Man (Marvel)

Among DC and Marvel characters, it is undeniable that Batman and Iron Man are always on top of every fan – favorite list. The reasons for their popularity are kinda similar. And even if you are not a die-hard fan of either of them, you should have noticed some equivalent features between these two DC and Marvel heroes.

First of all, both of them are orphans, whose parents were killed in tragic situations; and since they are just normal people with no superpower, their strengths are mostly based on their genius-level intellect, technology toys, and of course…money. In contrast to them both being billionaire playboys, they are actually responsible heroes who have sacrificed their lives for justice. Both heroes even have their own sidekicks who are willing to fight by their sides; to Batman, it’s Robin and to Iron Man, it’s War Machine.

2. The Flash (DC) and Quicksilver (Marvel)

Talking about DC and Marvel equivalent characters, it would be a mistake if The Flash and Quicksilver were not mentioned. We have Barry Allen – the fastest man alive, who likes to mess up with the timeline and Quicksilver – a mutant, the guy who is capable of running at supersonic speeds, which helps him archive some of the most impressive scenes ever in the X-Men series. Though their background stories or their personality are nothing alike. Being an icon of speed in their own universe is enough for them to be on every list of similar characters in DC and Marvel.

3. Superman (DC) and Hyperion (Marvel)

To every superhero fan, Superman is always recognized as one of the strongest DC and Marvel characters ever. With his super strength, speed, and durability, together with his deadly laser eyes, he would almost be invincible, were it not for the existence of Krypton stones. However, hardly anyone knows about Marvel’s Hyperion – a “pastiche” of the famous Superman. Both Superman and Hyperion are sent to Earth as the last members of their races. They both have the same power sets, secret identity, and even love line. For some unknown intentions, Marvel decided to make a character with little difference from the most famous one of their counterpart DC, maybe, therefore, Hyperion’s reputation and position are not as good as his “twin brother”.

4. Green Arrow (DC) and Hawkeye (Marvel)

Although Green Arrow and Hawkeye don’t have that much in common, they are always on the Marvel and DC characters comparison, mostly because of their vibes as “Robin Hood” in their own universe. They are only normal people with no magical power, however, they are both living weapons with their deathly bows and special arrows, also with their hand to hand combat skills. Their personality is quite similar, too. Both are brash and outspoken, which sometimes causes them unexpected troubles, however, on every team, they have joined in, they have proved to be irreplaceable members who have contributed greatly to the success of the missions. 

5. Aquaman (DC) and Namor The Submariner (Marvel)

Aquaman is undoubtedly one of the most popular among DC and Marvel characters, and just like his homie Superman, he also has a “twin” in the Marvel universe. The guy is Namor The Submariner – the mighty king of the Atlantic city. A son of a human and an Atlantean Princess, who later will become the ruler of the sea. The guy has super strength, ability to breathe underwater and talk to undersea creatures. He is a dedicated king who is unconditionally loyal and will sacrifice himself for the safety of his kingdom. Sound familiar? It’s because these are also the stories of Aquaman. Therefore, it’s easily understandable that these two DC and Marvel heroes are on every chart of DC and Marvel similar characters.

6. Atom (DC) and Ant-man (Marvel)

Atom and the first Ant-man, Ray Palmer and Hank Pym; familiar names on every list of similar DC and Marvel characters. They would be best friends if they ever had a chance to get to know each other. Both are genius scientists who like to mess up with the size of a human. In fact, they are able to minimize or maximize their body sizes, however, we are more familiar with them being tiny, breaking through even the smallest subjects. Recognized as “science heroes”, whose powers come from intelligence and technology, Atom and Ant-man is a familiar pair when talking about Marvel and DC equivalent characters.

7. Wonder Woman (DC) and Power Princess (Marvel)

Among DC and Marvel girl characters, Wonder Woman is always considered as an iconic superhero in popular culture. She is the princess of Themyscira – a unitary sovereign city-state located on a small island isolated from the outside civilization. She has superhuman strength, speed, and durability due to her mythological background, which makes her one of the strongest DC and Marvel characters. Marvel, once again, decided to create a “clone” of an iconic DC character. She is Princess Zarda or Power Princess, who is basically almost the same as Princess Diana of Themyscira, from her ability to her royal background. She is even a member of Squadron Supreme – a “pastiche” of the Justice League.

8. Deathstroke (DC) and Deadpool (Marvel)

“Deathstroke and Deadpool” is the answer superhero fans will give you if you ask them an example of similar characters in DC and Marvel. Rob Liefield – the co-creator of Deadpool did not even try to hide his interest in making Deadpool inspired by Deathstroke. From the name: Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Wade Wilson (Deadpool) to their outfit, weapons, background, and fighting styles. They also have the same abilities, which are a healing factor, superhuman strength, and outstanding tactical abilities. Among DC and Marvel characters, they would be besties and a perfect pair of destruction.

9. Swamp Thing (DC) and Man Thing (Marvel)

Unlike other DC and Marvel characters on this list, both Swamp Thing and Man-Thing look a lot more abnormal. They are indeed heroes, totally in contrast to their monster-like appearance. These 2 heroes used to be a normal person, a scientist in particular, before being transformed into a half-human, half-man creature after a swamp – involved disaster. They uncannily share not only in name but also in the background and abilities powered by a magical force beyond human understanding. The fact that both first appeared in the same period of time has contributed to the odd similarities between these two DC and Marvel heroes.

10. Elongated Man (DC) and Mr. Fantastic (Marvel)

People are more aware of Mr. Fantastic – Reed Richard, the leader of the Fantastic Four, a genius scientist. But little do you know that DC also has its own “plastic man” and this guy is Elongated Man – Ralph Dibny, a lowly detective. They are both well – known for their elasticity and even though their professions are different, both of them are extremely intelligent. Unlike other superheroes, both Elongated Man and Mr. Fantastic do not struggle with their secret identity as the public is well aware of their existence. They are also one of the luckiest heroes who have for themselves a happy home. All these above factors make these two DC and Marvel heroes the most similar DC and Marvel characters.

11. Catwoman (DC) and Black Cat (Marvel)

DC fans have their own reasonable excuses to say that Marvel’s Black Cat is a rip-off of their character when discussing DC and Marvel similar characters. From the “Cat” in their name to their sexy skintight outfit; both of them are infamous female thieves who have sophisticated background stories. Both experienced complicated romantic relationships with a hero, namely Batman and Spiderman. Also, these two characters are neither villains nor anti-heroes with complex thoughts and ideologies.

However, they are not totally the same, while Catwoman is just a normal person, Black Cat has her own superpowers. Also, the meaning of their relationships with our heroes is completely different. To Batman, Catwoman is actually his one true love, but to Spiderman and Black Cat, it’s more like an instant crush.

12.  Deadshot (DC) and Bullseye (Marvel)

Compared to other DC and Marvel characters on this list, Deadshot and Bullseye look kinda like normal people. They don’t have any superpower or magical ability, instead, their skills are mostly about their gifted aims. As the name suggested, Deadshot is deadly with every shot he triggers, and Bullseye, well…his name says it all. These two marksmen are guaranteed to never hit their targets. And in fact, their ability has successfully challenged our heroes Batman and Daredevil. However, they are not totally alike, while Deadshot is more like an anti-hero, Bullseye is a pure villain.

13.  Bumblebee (DC) and Wasp (Marvel)

Bumblebee and Wasp; technically, we are able to easily find parallels between these two DC and Marvel girl characters from their names alone. Both have the ability to minimize their bodies to unbelievable sizes and are capable of blasting yellow energy from their hands. Their costumes are oddly the same as the black and yellow theme. However, compared to a not – so – the important role of Bumblebee in the DC universe movies, Wasp, on the other hand, is actually a crucial factor of Marvel. She is the leader of the Avenger after Tony Stark. She’s one of those who have served the longest for the team, making her one of the most honorable DC and Marvel characters ever created.

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