Top 8+ best villains in Studio Ghibli complete movie collection

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Animation studio ghibli is a favorite in Japan, the studio has received a lot of positive feedback from critics. When it comes to Ghibli’s fascinating films, the ones like My neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away,… Viewers love movies in the studio ghibli collection by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki dialogues by iconic characters, vivid images, interesting details,… In addition, the villains are also one of the factors that make up the success and attraction of the movies. Are the villains in the movie just mere evil archetypes? Along WIIN channel learn more about this content through the article: Top + Best Villains appear in the studio ghibli complete movie collection.

Magic in Studio Ghibli collection always comes at a high price

1. Yubaba – main antagonist in studio ghibli complete movie collection

yubaba-yubaba-studio-ghibli-blu ray-collection
yubaba-yubaba-studio-ghibli-blu ray-collection

Yubaba is the proprietor of the Bathhouse and the main antagonist of the Japanese animated film Spirited Away in studio ghibli movies collection complete. She is the identical younger twin sister of Zeniba and the mother of Boh. She has a bird servant affectionately referred to by fans as Yu-Bird, an apprentice by the name of Haku, and is the employer of maybe hundreds of other bathhouse workers. She also wears golden earrings identical to those of her twin sister’s. Unlike her sister, Yubaba is not shown with glasses in the film. She appears in the studio ghibli complete collection blu ray with an inhumanly-large figure and a large mound of gray hair combed into a bun-like style. Yubaba is very wrinkly, most likely ancient. She has dark brown eyes accentuated with lavender eyeshadow as well as a prominent crooked nose drawing attention to a bindi-like mole between her eyebrows. As the main antagonist of the film, Yubaba has an extremely overbearing and intimidating personality. Like many other workers of her infamous bathhouse, Yubaba obsesses greedily over gold and is shown to be willing to view gold as a priority over her own family. While her attributes are seen as incredibly antagonistic, Yubaba has shown several redeeming qualities, such as her willingness to praise Chihiro after her excellent work with helping the Unnamed River Spirit and motherly softness for her son, Boh.

2. Lady Eboshi – tough and arrogant woman in studio ghibli complete movie collection

Lady-eboshi-studio-ghibli-blu ray-collection

Eboshi will be the next villain in the studio ghibli complete collection blu ray, she has black hair that she ties up in some sort of traditional style, finishing off with a pink ribbon.  She is a tough and arrogant woman who wants to positively influence the world. As the leader of Iron Town, the townspeople love her, giving her the highest influence as she was the one who freed them from their oppressive environments by bringing them all to Irontown. She has the girls work the forge and the lepers make guns for her, making her a grey character. She is the lethal and ambitious ruler of Iron Town, who is out for world domination so that all humans can have true equality. At first glance, she may seem a bit villainous but above all else, is a great leader, willing to put herself before others, and wanting to give girls equal or even superior rights to men, who understand the injustice of a woman’s position in society. One could argue that she is a main antagonist of the studio ghibli films, yet at the same time, she could also be considered a hero and helper to the main characters.

3. Madame Suliman – the main antagonist of Howl’s Moving Castle

madame-studio-ghibli-blu ray-collection

Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the most loved Ghibli movies, with the film featuring some of the most iconic Ghibli characters, such as Sophie, Howl, and the fire demon, Calcifer.  Madame Suliman is the main antagonist in the film, she has platinum-colored hair with a mini hat and grey eyes. She has a red dress with beige fur trim along the ends. Like other Ghibli films, antagonists are not really evil villains. Suliman is no exception. She is clever and at times manipulative, she doesn’t want to cause any harm but often has to seem antagonistic to Howl and that spreads to Sophie and the others as well. By the end of the movie, she realizes Howl has found his one true love and decides to put an end to the war.

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4. Haru – main antagonist in The Secret World of Arrietty


Adapted from the classic children’s story The Borrowers, The Secret World of Arrietty is an underrated Ghibli movie. Haru is a maid who works for Sadako Maki and the main antagonist in The Secret World of Arrietty. Haru wears brown trousers and an orange shirt with a beige apron. She wears green glasses and has short, messy brown hair, her skin is white and she’s fairly plump. In the beginning of the film, miss Haru at first seems like a loving caring person. She takes in a young boy named Shawn who is battling a heart disease. Even getting somewhat concerned about Shawn when he’s out in the rain, telling him to get inside or he’ll catch a cold. However, her true personality is shown as she gets more suspicious about the “little people” living inside of her home.  She insists on catching the borrowers and in the end, runs them out of their home. 

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5. Witch Of The Waste

witch-of-the-waste-studio-ghibli-blu ray-collection

While the Witch of the Waste wasn’t the main villain in the Howl’s Moving Castle movie from ghibli movies collection, she was certainly one of the primary antagonists. She is a talented witch who was so beautiful that Howl pursued her, but after finding out that she used magic to keep herself looking young and beautiful, he left her. She is still in love with Howl, however, and uses her magical powers and henchmen to try and capture him after seeing him with Sophie. Initially the antagonist, the Witch becomes somewhat of a protagonist after Madame Suliman lures her to the castle to drain her of her magical powers. When forced to climb the stairway to Suliman’s palace, the sunlight slowly exposes her actual appearance and age. She further regresses when she is taken into a room with several large incandescent light bulbs.

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6. Colonel Muska – main villain of the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky


Colonel Muska is a government special agent and the main villain of the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky. He wishes to find and control the lost city of Laputa, in order to take power over it and rule the world. Muska is a duplicitous, cunning and manipulative individual who will turn on his allies once he has used them to attain his goals. At first, he seems to treat Sheeta well, offering her fine clothes and acting somewhat kindly toward her Throughout the film, Muska pursues Sheeta and her crystal, which can show Muska the way to Laputa and allow him to conquer it. When Sheeta continues to defy him, Muska reveals his ruthlessness: he kidnaps Sheeta twice, threatens Pazu to force Sheeta to cooperate with him, and shoots off Sheeta’s braids in an attempt to frighten her into submission. Muska also betrays General Muoro and the army, then even the other government agents when he no longer needs their assistance.

7. The Cat King – main villain in The Cat Returns – studio ghibli complete movie collection


The Cat Returns is a fairly underrated movie in the studio ghibli complete movie collection. The film follows Haru as she saves a Cat Prince and ends up being taken to the Cat Kingdom in order to be married to the prince. The Cat King is the main villain of the Studio Ghibli films The Cat Returns. He is the king of the Cat Kingdom. As Haru (who has gotten smaller due to her forced arrival at the Cat Kingdom) is being prepared, the King makes her part-cat in order to have her and his son married, but she is still unwilling. After finding out that Prince Lune has decided to marry Yuki, the Cat King reveals his actual goal: to marry Haru himself, but she refuses. 

8. Donald Curtis – main villain of the Porco Rosso – studio ghibli complete movie collection

Donald Curtis-Studio-Ghibli
Donald Curtis-Studio-Ghibli-complete-movie-collection

Donald Curtis is the main villain of the Porco Rosso film. According to one of the pirates of the Mamma Aiuto Gang, Curtis is “the only one who can beat Porco”.  Curtis is first seen at the Hotel Adriano of Madame Gina. When Porco flies off to Milan, Italy, Curtis bothers him and tries to shoot him down. Curtis reveals himself and challenges Porco to a duel. While they are fighting, Curtis tells Porco that Gina is in love with him. After they hit each other in the face, both pilots fall into the water. So, after Porco gets up (from hearing Gina calling him), he wins. After Porco asks Curtis to join him in drawing the Italian Air Force away from the others. Curtis agrees and he becomes a Hollywood star.

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