All we need to know about The Suicide Squad 2 – Upcoming DC movie 2021

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Initially, there would be a sequel for Suicide Squad. However, with the appearance of director James Gunn, the film was heading to another path. The Suicide Squad 2021, also known as Suicide Squad 2 will focus more on a new set of characters and plot, in other words, it will be a soft reboot to the original film. Recently, at the DC Fandome 2020 online event, the first look of the movies was introduced to fans, making it one of the most prominent movies of 2021.

In 2016, Suicide Squad was expected to be one of the leading movies for the rise of DCEU (DC Extended Universe), especially with talented casts like Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto, or Viola Davis…etc. And although the film was a box office success with $746.8 million worldwide, it was not highly – appreciated by the critics and die-hard fans of the DC Universe, mostly due to its muddled plot, poorly written characters, and bad directing.

So what can we expect from the new Suicide Squad movie? Who will be in our anti-hero squad? Here’s everything you need to know about Suicide Squad 2.

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Who is behind the camera?

To replace David Ayer, who was busy with the movie “Gotham City Siren”, Warner Bros. had hired director Gavin O’Connor in hope of continuing Ayer’s work. However, because of the creative issue relating to the “Bird of Prey” project, he had dropped out of his position. James Gunn, who had been dismissed by The Walt Disney Company for his controversial tweets in the past, was later recruited to be both director and screenplay writer of the Suicide Squad 2. 

Warner Bros. also hired Henry Braham to be the cinematographer of Suicide Squad 2 movie. He used to be James Gunn’s colleague in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and is also highly recognized for his work in other films such as Nanny McPhee or The Legend of Tarzan.

Suicide Squad 2 Cast: Who is new? Who will return?

Before the 2020 DC Fandome, there had been various famous names on the line-up list to be a part of the Squad. However, it was not until the event on 22 August that the main cast of the Suicide Squad 2 had been confirmed by James Wann.  

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) is making a comeback in the Suicide Squad 2021 but this time with total different teammates. And from the teaser and BTS video, it seems like Suicide Squad 2 Harley Quinn outfit is different from her clothes in the 2016 Suicide Squad. The other familiar names from the original movie appearing in this reboot are Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) – the manager of the Suicide Squad and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) – the team’s leader. 

How about the new faces? On the DC Fandome event, most of them have been identified. Ready? Here we go:

  • Idris Elba as Bloodsport
  • John Cena as The Peacemaker
  • Jai Courtney as The thief Captain Boomerang
  • Steve Agee as King Shark
  • David Dastmalchian as Polka Dot Man
  • Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher 2
  • Michael Rooker as Savant
  • Flula Borg as Javelin
  • Mayling Ng as Mongal
  • Peter Capaldi as The Thinker
  • Alice Braga as Solsoria
  • Pete Davidson as The Blackguard
  • Nathan Fillion TDK and Sean Gunn as Weasels

Taika Waititi is promised to be a part of Suicide Squad 2 characters, however, his role on the movie remains unknown to fans. Also, many people are wondering whether there will be a Suicide Squad 2 Joker, however, according the available information about the new Suicide Squad movie, there is little chance that Joker will feature in the upcoming movie. It’s such a shame that we may not see him with our Suicide Squad 2 Harley Quinn.

What are the available footage/images?

Until now, the availability of the information about Suicide Squad 2 is limited. We have two official Suicide Squad 2 posters, one was revealed on the DC Fandome event, the other was shared on James Gunn’s Twitter.

On his Twitter, James Gunn also introduced to fans the official title treatments in various languages: English, Spanish, Japanish, Chinese…etc.

The only available footages of the Suicide Squad 2 movie are from the behind-the-scenes video revealed on the 2020 DC Fandome. There, we have the first look at the movie. From the actual footages from the new Suicide Squad movie to what to expect from the film itself . The Suicide Squad 2 official trailer is expected to be released in early 2021.

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What is Suicide Squad 2 about?

One of the reasons leading to the failure of the 2016 Suicide Squad is that it had showed too many details on its trailers and teasers. Therefore, important storylines or twists had unintentionally been spoiled to the audience before the film was released. To avoid this mistake, up till now, Suicide Squad 2 has only released an adequate amount of information to keep fans curious. In other words, we know almost nothing about The Suicide Squad 2021.

The only things we know are from the BTS video as producer Peter Safran described as “a gritty 1970s war movie, combined with the brilliance of James Gunn’s characters and comedy”. To prove Safran’s point, star Joel Kinnaman told Variety that ” He (James Gunn) is an incredible guy. He’s written a fantastic script. The script is so funny. Every page of that script was funny, and every page made me laugh. James just has this command of that genre, but also over every aspect of comedy and even the marketing…I feel like I’m shooting my first comedy…”

The Suicide Squad II is guaranteed to be unique and full of surprise. It will not be like any other superhero movie ever made. The producer Charles Roven and Peter Safran, director James Gunn, and even the actors/actresses confidently believed in the BTS video that fans would not know what to expect in their new Suicide Squad movie and that they should be aware of the unexpected twists in the movie. 

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Even though the plot is being under wraps, James Gunn said himself that his Suicide Squad 2021 would follow the original John Ostrander and Kim Yale run of 1980s Suicide Squad comic, instead of the New 52 version inspring Ayer’s Suicide Squad in 2016.

Squad 2 release date: When is the Suicide Squad 2 coming out?

Suicide Squad 2021 is back to the big screen with lots of potential, a talented director and outstanding actors/actresses,  therefore, no wondering why movie-lovers in general and DC fans in particular are looking forward to the day the film is released. According to the current schedule, Suicide Squad 2021 movie will be in theaters on August 6, 2021. And since the filming is already completed, it’s unlikely that the release date will be delayed.

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“Right now there’s no reason for #TheSuicideSquad release date to move. We are on or ahead of schedule. We were extremely fortunate to wrap shooting & set up editing from our homes (due to a post production team & studio with foresight) before quarantine.” 

– @JamesGunn 

Suicide Squad 2 is one of the prominent DC movies released in 2021. The others are The Batman, Black Adam and Justice League: The Snyder’s Cut. Let’s hope that there won’t be another disaster like Covid 19 pandemic, so that our cinema experience will not be interrupted. 

The 2016 Suicide Squad may be a big letdown for every superhero fan. However, with the appearance of James Gunn – the guy behind the success of The Guardian of the Galaxy, the Suicide Squad 2021 is guaranteed to be something else. There are a lot of things to expect from the movie: We have the sassy and crazy Harley Quinn with her supervillain gang; unexpected journeys and twisted storylines waiting ahead of us and more importantly,…James Gunn, duh. As he said in BTS video, this movie would be the biggest movie he had ever made. He also emphasized that the process of making this movie was his greatest and most exciting journey of his life. Hoping that we will say the same about our experience watching Suicide Squad 2 movie. See all of you on 22 August, 2021.

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All we need to know about The Suicide Squad 2 - Upcoming DC movie 2021