Top 8+ Alien Species Featured in the Marvel collection movies so far

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with a focus on human superheroes, it quickly expanded to encompass many different forms of alien life, exploring a vast galaxy full of different planets and alien species on it. The aliens of the marvel movie collections cover each and every possibility you could imagine. Since our first exposure to aliens in the early days of the MCU’s Phase One, knowledge of more and increasingly powerful beings has come to light. The emergence of the stories of alien races is a threat to the Avengers. Here are Top 8+ alien species featured in the marvel movie collections so far by WIIN Channel. 

Aliens in marvel movie collections
Alien Species in marvel movie collections

1. Celestials – the most powerful entity in Marvel movie collections

Celestials - marvel movie collections

Celestials termed “primordial” beings, the Celestials appeared to be born from the energy of the universe rather than another being. The Celestials are arguably the most powerful entities that we know of in the marvel movie collections, there’s really not much stronger. One Celestial could have literally been everywhere. We caught our first glimpse of the enormous beings in Guardians of the Galaxy from the marvel collection, during the Collector’s explanation of the Infinity Stones. Their will is basically reality and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 gave us a taste of those skills with the introduction of Ego – who had the capacity to exist as his own planet while working on his plans to remake the universe. He was ultimately defeated and killed at the end of James Gunn’s second Marvel movie, but it’s very possible that we could see another Celestial on the big screen at another time. The weapons of these beings can wipe entire planets without any effort and sometimes they are literally planets as well. 

2. Titans – overwhelming strength in Marvel movie collections

Titans - Alien in MCU

In Marvel cinematic universe movie collection: The Titans-named for their homeland, a race of beings from the planet Titan, are a race of large beings with purple skin. Like a lot of extraterrestrials, the most notable trait of the Titans is their overwhelming strength, durability, and the blessing of a very long life. The most powerful enemy the Avengers have ever faced, Thanos was born on Titan and due to his severe deformities, was considered an anomaly by the Titan society and grew up as an outcast, the physical ability of Thanos is unmatched by any of the Avengers. Thanos, the Mad Titan, is part of a regal race of beings from the planet Titan. Thanos appears in the marvel cinematic universe collection, with the power of the Infinity Stones can warp reality, toss planets like baseballs and deliver one heck of a punch. Thanos is also one of the only beings known to be able to damage vibranium, shown when he broke Captain America’s shield in Avengers: Endgame. During the final battle, Thanos is also seen outmaneuvering some of the faster members of the team, including Iron Man. When Thor killed Thanos in the Ambush on Thanos, the Titan race went extinct.

3. Watchers – alien from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Watchers - marvel movie collections

The Watchers are one of the most important alien races in the entire marvel cinematic universe – even though their whole deal is that they don’t really do much at all. The Watchers-one of the oldest alien races ever just wants to record stuff, they value knowledge more than anything. They actually refrain from interfering or helping another alien race ever since one species destroyed itself after receiving knowledge from them. Appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, this alien race simply observes and compiles information about all beings in the galaxy. In the Marvel movie collections, it seems that Stan Lee is an agent for them, which explains why he shows up at some point in all of the superhero stories. It wouldn’t really be fair to pit them against races who have their own military and technological forces, but the Watchers deserve to be high up on this list for their potential and their defiance against the Celestials.

4. Asgardians – among first aliens of Marvel movie collections

Asgardians - first alien in marvel cinematic universe collection

The Asgardians were some of the first aliens we were introduced to in the marvel cinematic universe collection, at a time when the films were a bit afraid to double down on magic and instead settled on advanced science — with context.  In the Marvel movie collection, we’ve primarily gotten to know royal members of the race like Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Odin (Anthony Hopkins), but characters like Sif (Jaimie Alexander), Volstagg (Ray Stevenson), and Heimdall (Idris Elba) have all individually demonstrated the Asgardian might. Though these god-like beings are generally peaceful, they are a brave and powerful warrior race whose passion for adventure is their religion. On Earth or Sakaar or wherever the Asgardians are super-powered beings with incredible abilities. In Thor: The Dark World, the Dark Elves are a match for the Asgardians, mounting a successful attack against their homeworld. As far as alien races in the Marvel collection go, it’s hard to find much tougher than the Asgardians without looking at things from an ultra cosmic level. 

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5. Kree

Kree- marvel collection movies

The Kree are an alien species hailing from Hala and ruled by the Supreme Intelligence, is one of the most important in the marvel cinematic universe collection. The Kree are extremely technologically advanced, able to manipulate genetics and wipe memories. Their skin varies from white, black and blue but predominantly they are blue skinned. They were all over the galaxy, experimenting and engineering their own evolution, but as a people and as a force, they were some of the strongest in the galaxy. The primary representatives of the species that we’ve seen are Guardians of the Galaxy’s Ronan The Accuser (Lee Pace), who is a powerful rebel and clearly had a big chip on his shoulder about the Xandarians, and his right-hand-man Korath (Djimon Hounsou). Ronan the Accuser, who serves Thanos, is one of the most notable Kree warriors. Now, let’s just hope we get to see a lot more of the Kree lore in next year’s Captain Marvel solo film. 

6. Inhumans

Inhumans - marvel movie collections

The Inhumans are a race of former ancient human beings that were experimented on by the Kree, locking in their genetic code with the potential to transform and acquire superhuman abilities once exposed to the Terrigen Mist by way of the Terrigen Crystals. They just have alien DNA in their lineage. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Inhumans are wildly powerful, and their abilities are almost impossible to track, with characters like Quake leading the pack in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the brief appearance of the Royal Family from Inhumans. Just because the Inhumans television series didn’t have powerful ratings doesn’t mean the characters in the MCU aren’t powerful.  There’s a lot to infer from the latter, but it goes to show that the Inhumans are a force to be reckoned with in the universe, even if their solo show was nothing to really get excited about.

7. Flora Colossus

Flora Colossus - marvel collection movies
Flora Colossus

Flora Colossus, commonly referred as Groot, are a species of plant-like organisms native to the planet X, were once some of the most feared and mysterious beings in the Marvel Universe – until only Groot was left. Biologically, they have an appearance similar to a tree, have the ability to grow their limbs at will, and have a very limited speaking capacity that pretty much only allows variations of “I Am Groot. Between both Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we have grown to know a lot about the Flora colossus, courtesy of Groot’s misadventures. Groot is incredibly powerful, nigh invincible (given his ability to regenerate or sort of give birth to himself) and is way more intelligent than he can let on in a first impression. 

8. Centaurians

Centaurians - marvel movie collection

In marvel cinematic universe movie collections, many of the aliens have blue skin, like the Centaurians, the Luphomoids, and the Kree,…The most visible is Yondu Udonta, the space-pirate, and leader of the Ravagers. The Yaka arrows(the ones that obey whistled commands) were created and used by the Centaurians. Yondu Udonta took out a whole battlefield with just one. The Centaurians could be versatile, quickly in their actions. Like the Inhumans, the Centaurians were experimented upon and engineered by the Kree, but in everything from culture to abilities, they are totally different. The Centaurians have yet to be established as a major player in the cosmos of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they have been well represented.

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